Scott Stokely has been a touring Professional Disc Golfer since 1993. As he travels, Scott prioritizes taking in unique sights and local flavors especially Barbeque. That is why it was a natural fit when the opportunity arose for Scott to offer his FIRST PRODUCT with mainstream appeal. That's how Stokely Sauce was born!
Stokely Sauce 4 Pack
DISCover All Four Flavors!

Taking inspiration from the main regions where Disc Golfers commune over delicious BBQ, the four Stokely Sauce recipes were carefully crafted from all natural ingredients. NO CORN SYRUP.

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Texas Smokey BBQ Stokely Sauce is made with only clean ingredients! Get authentic Texas Bar-B-Q flavor for your chopped or sliced brisket with REAL brown sugar, molasses and natural mesquite smoke flavor.

Carolina Vinegar BBQ Stokely Sauce is the closest to what you will find in the BBQ Restaurants in North Carolina. Combining ALL NATURAL vinegars, brown sugar, peppers is perfect for your pork or chicken.

Kansas City Sweet BBQ Stokely Sauce is blended with a tomato base, molasses and seasonings, for that classic KC flavor with a little bit of heat. Shake well and enjoy on ribs or a juicy burger.

California Spicy BBQ Stokely Sauce is infused with Golden State-inspired peppers, spices, sun-ripened tomato and natural smoke flavor. This smooth and spicy sauce is also delicious as a marinade or dip.

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